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Yes, unlike many other crops, the sorghum grain has never been genetically modified

Our Sea Salt, Bollywood Masala, and Mediterranean Magic are all Vegan! Our White Cheddar and Cocoa Cinnamon contain dairy-based ingredients.

The Sorghum grain has such a thin hull, that many of our customers tellus it seems virtually hulless / hull-free! This makes it a favorite for thosewho hate the feeling of popcorn stuck in their teeth & gums (goodbyefloss!). It’s also great for those with braces (Orthodontists love us!),younger kids, or those with special digestive conditions (crohn’s disease,diverticulitis, etc.) 

Not yet. However, if you can’t wait to enjoy our product, please get intouch. We’ll do our best to get our Poplettes to you.

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