A young woman celebrating the day by tossing popped sorghum in the air, a fun snack for all ages Copy: Poplettes is made from popping sorghum, a gluten-free ancient grain, popular globally for centuries. Packed with flavor and better for you, this dangero

Eat good, feel good

Poplettes is made from popping sorghum, a gluten-free ancient grain, popular globally for centuries. Packed with flavor and better for you, this dangerously addicting snack is heartier in flavor, will keep you fuller longer, and won’t get caught in your teeth like its corny cousin!

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  • Gluten Free
  • Super Grain
  • No Harsh Hulls
  • No Artificial Nonsense

Sea Salt

In the mood for a classic? Our Sea Salt balances a light seasoning with Sorghum’s original hearty flavor - a traditional, guilt-free favorite for all ages.


White Cheddar

Watch out, this is so good, it's cheesy! One of our most popular flavors, our White Cheddar uses real cheddar, none of that artificial nonsense.


Cocoa Cinnamon

Give in to your sweet tooth! Our Cocoa Cinnamon goodness makes for a delicious, less guilty snack at any time of day.

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Bollywood Masala

Get ready for your close-up! Our Bollywood Masala celebrates the color of Bollywood cinema and Indian cuisine by bringing together traditional mix of Indian spices for a slight tang, quick kick and bold flavor.

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Mediterranean Magic

Put on your explorer hat for our Mediterranean Magic variety. This flavor highlights the magic of za’atar bringing a balance of herbs and garlic to bring out an earthy zest.


Customer Testimonials

I’m a popcorn-holic and I like these better than popcorn. I love that they don't get caught in your teeth!

We couldn’t get enough of popped sorghum after discovering it on a train ride in India. We are so excited to discover this delightful snack in our backyard!

I could eat a whole bag of Poplettes in one sitting. This is so addicting, it’s my go to study snack.

I love that some of my favorite flavors from my culture are represented in Poplettes!

My kids love these! They won’t stop eating every time we bring a bag home!

A young man jumping in the air with enthusiasm holding a grab and  go pack of poplettes popped sorghum

Ready to Grab n' Go?

01 Easily tear the poplettes grab and go pouch at the corner to open


02 Pour popped sorghum directly into your hand or mouth from the open pouch


03 Store poplettes grab and go packs anywhere conveniently (e.g. in a backpack pocket)


Poplettes Popped Sorghum Bollywood Masala Family Pack on a beach with a soccer ball
Poplettes Popped Sorghum Grab n Go Packs (assorted flavors) on a beach
Girl holding and walking in field with Poplettes Popped Sorghum Mediterranean Magic Family Pack

Why Poplettes?

For our team snacks are a way of life.
Whether you're looking for something light and satisfying on the go or looking to share a tasty, no guilt snack option that the whole family will enjoy...we're sure you'll find a Poplettes for you!

Picture of sorghum grain growing in the mountains of India
Two hands cupping unpopped sorghum grains